Fish Cultivation in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of rivers, ponds, canals, lakes, beels and many big or small ditches. So there is a great prospective of fish culture in Bangladesh. Fish cultivation has become as popular as the other productive works.
From time immemorial, a large number of Bengali people have depended for their livelihood on fishing and related occupations. Bangladesh is the best suitable place for fish cultivation. Her soil and climate are congenial to fish cultivation. Fish is the main source of our traditional foods. The fisheries sector contributes more than 5% of our GDP and 10% of our export earnings. It employs 1.4 million people. About 1.2 crores of people are directly or indirectly dependent on this sector. At present, fish cultivation has turned into a profitable business in Bangladesh.

Fish cultivation has a great prospect in Bangladesh. It can not only glorify our economy but also develop our national status. Fish, as a source of food is very delicious and nutrition. It is the chief source for our protein. Almost 60% of the demand for our protein is met up by fish. Today fish cultivation has become a great source of income. So, the unemployed people can engage themselves in this profession. Thus, it can go a long way to solve our unemployment problem. Besides, by exporting fish, we can earn a lot of foreign currencies.
Moreover, products from fish have economic utility too. For instance, oil from sharks is used in processing jute and leather. Various by-products of fishes supply the raw-materials of soap and candle industries etc.
There is no undisturbed blessing on earth. Fish cultivation is not an exception to this. There are a number of obstacles in this sector. Sometimes, it is attacked by virus and sometimes it falls victim to natural calamities. Again, there are touts, brokers who cheat the simple-minded fishermen. Exploiting too much fishes without considering their natural breeding, using too much fertilizers and insecticides in fields, decrease of fishing areas etc. are also leaving adverse effects on the prospect of fish cultures in Bangladesh.

The Govt. has already taken some steps to popularise fish cultivation to our countrymen. To translate the vast potential of fisheries in Bangladesh into real wealth, a separate department of fisheries has been established. It is performing its duty to develop this trade and to improve the lot of the people who are engaged in this profession. Today the people who are engaged in fish cultivation are granted bank loans and supplied with necessary appliances. Moreover, different laws relating to fisheries have been farmed from time to time. On the other hand, NGOs have already come forward to help the people with money for fish cultivation. As a result, the people are eager to cultivate fish in every nook and corner of the country as a whole.
The govt. has taken various steps but yet it should adopt a number of initiatives to accelerate this cultivation. First of all, private entrepreneurs should be encouraged. Besides, there should be effective amendments in the fish laws and these laws should be properly enforced. More fisheries education and research institution should be set up. Moreover, provisions should be made so that the fishermen can obtain easy loans from the banks. After all, public awareness should be created towards fish cultivation as a profitable business.

Fish cultivation as a great potential for our country. With the concerted efforts of both the Govt. and mass people, it can surely be turned into a profitable business, which will ultimately trigger our economic progress.
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