Misuse of Gas

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Picture of Gas 
Literally gas refers to any substance like air. But usually the term refers to natural gas that is used as fuel for heating and cooking. Bangladesh has always been considered to be a country rich in natural gas. But at the same time, it has been very much shocking that this natural resource is being misused here severely.
A total of 22 natural gas fields have been discovered in Bangladesh. The total gas in these fields is about 26 Tcf (Trillion cubic feet). But only 16 Tcf is considered recoverable. By now, about 5.1 Tcf. Of gas has been produced. So, the present recoverable reserve of gas in about 10.9 Tcf. Exerts say that this reserve may be able to fulfill the national demand of gas unit 2040.
Gas is used especially in power, fertilizer, industrial, commercial and domestic sectors. In the power sector 45% of the production of gas is used. This percentage is 35 in the fertilizer sector and 20 in the 
industrial, commercial and domestic sectors. But a huge amount of gas is misused in all these sectors. This is become of mismanagement and carelessness. Misuse of gas is most several in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors. Used in these sectors even keep the gas burners on all the time to save a match or to dry clothes.
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Picture of Gas 
Bangladesh has been very much dependent on natural gas as it is her primary commercial fuel. She has no significant oil reserve. It has also no prospect for further hydroelectric projects. Besides, the possibility of having nuclear power is as remote as ever. In such a situation, natural gas will remain the sole source of commercial energy for a long time to come. If we continue misusing natural gas, the present reserve may be exhausted before an alternative energy source is in sight. This will be catastrophic for the future energy scenario of the country.
We should not leave the misuse of natural gas unchecked. For this we should develop an effective system of  gas transmission to check system loss. In power and fertilizer sectors, modern equipments should be set to stop misuse of gas. In industrial, commercial and domestic sectors, unnecessary keeping on of gas burners must be stopped. Above all, public awareness regarding the dangerous effects of misuse of gas should be created.
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Picture of Gas 
Natural gas plays an important role in the country’s. it is an environment friendly fuel. It undergoes clean and odourless, combustion. But its reserve is not unlimited. So we all should be careful about its proper use to ensure its long-term availability.
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